Foreign body removal

FB ingestion is a common medical emergency seen in both children and adults. Children constitute predominantly 80% of the total ingestions. Most FB ingestion in children are accidental and are mostly nonfood objects like coins, marbles, buttons, safety pins, toys, magnets and batteries. 1 And remaining 20% of ingestions seen in adults, most are related to eating bone or meat bolus impaction, which are mostly related. Intentional or accidental true FB ingestion in adults occurs most commonly in psychiatric patients, patients with alcohol intoxication or drug abusers, edentulous adults etc.2 Edentulous adults are also at a greater risk of ingesting FBs, including an obstructing food bolus or their dental prosthesis.3 70-80% FBs pass uneventfully through esophagus reaches stomach, and then they traverse entire GIT and are expelled spontaneously without any complication. Few may cause complications like obstruction, ulcers and perforation. Approximately, 10-20% objects lodge in the esophagus and require endoscopic procedures.4-8 The symptoms, signs, and complications produced depend on the nature, size, location, and duration of the FB ingestion in the GIT.9 Flexible endoscopes are mostly preferred over rigid ones. Flexible endoscopic removal has success rate of over 90% in upper GI FBs.

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