High Resolution Manometry

High Resolution Manometry – HRM

High Resolution Manometry (HRM) is a new approach of measuring pressures in the esophageal body and presentation of the results. This method consists of measuring multiple pressures simultaneously. This allows detailed assessment of all relevant data for the whole esophagus.

Besides the conventional displays, rapid data interpretation via Clouse contour plots can be established. The Clouse contour plot display offers more information than the traditional pressure curves, and is still easier to analyse due to the recognition of typical patterns.

So, more information and easier analysis go perfectly together.
MMS offers 36 pressures solid state and 20-36 pressure channels water perfused HRM solutions.

Important advantages of HRM can be:

Improved understanding of the motility peristaltic pressure waves
Prevent misdiagnosis of achalasia (pseudo relaxation of the LES)
Perform UES/LES investigations (also with water catheters)

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